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2013/3/4 0:52:23
Batman Begins ... with a B! That was awesome!!! I loved it
2013/3/3 22:43:33
To the community at large It would seem like a smart idea to keep a free version around as that has been there business card for such a long time. And let people have the option of buying a pro-version like most programs do. But I guess only time will tell....or someone from Muvizu staff lol
2013/3/3 21:17:09
To the community at large I also was thinking 200 bucks. I can't see it going much higher than that. Not without major tweeks and addons. I am curious as to if it was 200 dollars will that include free updates or will you have to pay for an update that cost less then what you paid for Muvizu orginally. Hmmmm...
2013/3/3 16:47:40
To the community at large I think setting a price on Muvizu to get a license is a difficult thing for me to say how much I would spend on it. Here is my concern and why I don't believe Muvizu will be very expensive.

They may just leave Muvizu free and have you buy a license for a set fee, which would be okay for them as long as people buy a license after all they need to make money also.

BUT, here is the only major problem with MUVIZU, that will keep the price low I think. As you use MUVIZU and your putting together your short film you really need a certain action lets say for example eating, or a tripping action. As it is now you have to do camera tricks and such to make it look like this has happend which sometimes takes away from the film. YOU as a director is very dependant on the people at MUVIZU to create the actions and characters needed to keep making great films. This is where the trouble lies. People already want tons of stuff, like holding items, hand gestures with conversations, etc. etc, etc, this makes us very dependant on Muvizu, we cant create these things like in other software.
In return this should keep the price of MUVIZU fairly cheap.

If at some point your able to make custom actions or something like that then I can see the price going up. but for now I can't see it going to high.

The question is where do they want to make the bulk of their earnings? Is it from the sales of a pro-version which could allow people to use MUVIZU as a money maker or off of just selling licenses to people to allow them to make money off there films.

I personally think the smartest idea and most profitable for them will be to sell a pro-version with a licenses to use your vidoes for profits if you see fit. People who really like this software (myself included)
will buy a pro version if they really want to create films in hopes of making a little cash or making the next big hollywood block buster.

They of course could leave the base progream like it is now free and charge you for a license then they could sell packages to people. for example they could sell a Content pack called " lets chat" or something like that. In that package could be new conversation actions, maybe a phone with the abilitie to hold it actually, phone conversations, eye and face gestures, etc, etc, or maybe a SPY Content pack with new actions, textures, guns, blah blah blah, I think you get my idea. These packages could cost lets just say 20.00 USD for example. Then as a user you can purchase this package and download it. If you don't want it you don't have to buy it. They could create a nice little income from this as well.

Okay im done rambling. Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Mr. Hamster Drink
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2013/2/23 14:24:31
Where can i get all custom textures Hiya Chris,

Here is where you can find custom textures other users have made.

And here is where you can find each characters UV map to make your own textures.

The superhero textures are usually custom made by users.

Hope this helps.
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2013/2/21 3:17:12
To the community at large I personally don't like the subcription Idea either. I like the idea of a pro version with a licensing fee that goes with it. I think maybe i am wrong but this would make the most sense or just stay free but let users buy a one time licensing fee. I would love to hear some more imput from Muvizu on this subject.
2013/2/18 3:16:30
To the community at large Muvizu is I think geared more towards the home animator. It has a very
long ways to go to be geared towards something someone like Pixar would
So with that in mind the pricing should be geared towards the home
animator who still has to work a full time job or whatever.
After all we would still be very dependant on Muvizu to creat characters
and actions that the regular user can't do. This is one major aspect that
will prevent big corporations like Pixar from using Muvizu.So custom made
movies with custom characters isn't possible.(which has been my biggest
concern about the future of Muvizu)We as users are very demanding for
content being added lol.

I think you should keep a free version as this is your bussiness card.
You can have another pro version that does have some added bells and
whistles. this would intice people to buy the pro version.

as for licensing agreement.
I have no problem with putting in the credits that Mivuzu was used.
This in turn helps promote Muvizu.
I do think it would be easier for everyone around to have just a one time
standard licensing. You could go with a licensing per video.
what I mean is this. I make a video for someone and they are going to pay
me an amount. I then e-mail Muvizu and tell them I would like to buy a
license. Lets say Muvizu has a standard licensing fee of $20.00 per Video.
I pay Muvizu the $20.00 dollars and then I can render my video or make
a DVD or whatever maybe a code is
generated that you add to a window that pops up that takes away the
Let's face it if a person starts making money using Muvizu then they
should upgrade to a pro version.
Or pay for a one time licensing fee or what ever Muvizu comes up with.
Just saying "Hey you made a free program keep it this way and just let
us make money
off of it!" isn't going to work due to the fact the money used from licensing or from someone
purchasing a pro version is what's going to keep Muvizu updated with new content.
They can't always rely on private parties to keep forking out money with
no return. After all Muvizu is also here to make money.
A subcription might be a good idea Woz. A person could pay lets
say $15.00 a month $180.00 a year.(I believe this is about the same cost
as most online games charge) and be able to make videos that they can
profit off of, and removes the watermark, has some bells and whistles.
If a person just wants to make a video for youtube then they can use the
free version.
An email would be sent to you stating the licensing agreement and by
paying the 15.00 dollar subscription you abide by the following agreament.
Like adding some where in the credits that Muvizu was used. The watermark will be removed as long as you the user pays the monthly fee of 15.00
dollars. At anytime you no longer wish to pay the the monthly fee the
watermark will be reinstated and add features turned off. etc. etc. etc.
Just don't get away from the idea of you being there for the little guy.
After all it's the little guys who do most of the promoting for you.
Also the fact that users are very dependant on the Muvizu staff to create
certain things in the program that we can't which should keep the price
of Muvizu down considably. You can't charge someone what Maya charges for example.
Also Muvizu should make it clear that it isn't responsible for someone
trying to make a video off of copyrighted material. That the maker
of such said videos has sole responsiblilty.
just some ideas to toss around Mr.Hamster
2013/2/16 3:10:25
To the community at large I have been waiting for this topic since Muvizu hinted at it during Machinma Expo

the the easiest way is to go with a one time buy with an open license to make money off your videos. but what would the price be?

You could go with a "Hey here are some different commercial pacakages" like
1 year deal for 99.00
6 month deal for 50.00
or something like that. Personally i would rather buy something out right and not have to worry about the details or time frames.

Free versions should get a watermark it's free after all your also trying to make money and making money is going to come from A) selling commercial licenses with current Muvizu or B) Selling Muvizu as a stand alone application with a licensing aggreement to let the purchaser make money off there videos.
which if you go with B then you have to discuss the whole do you buy Muvizu with free updates or do you have to buy Muvizu everytime a new release is out?

Just my two dollars worth lol.
I would buy a commercial license out right without a watermark if the price is reasonable and I honestly don't even know what that price would be.

okay I am done for now.
2013/2/13 11:55:41
comic book effects/layout to be honest I have never really messed with the audio stuff of this program, now that you mentioned it lol. Funny I wonder why I haven't? I do know that they have just released Hitfilm Ultimate 2 about 4 months ago I think it was. So all I can say is I really don't know. I will have to check when my work schedule lets me. I am still no pro at this. But I do know I have come along farther in this software than I could in After effects. but then this could just come down to user preference and what they need from a piece of software.
2013/2/13 1:29:27
comic book effects/layout I am a big fan of Hit film ultimate. would recommend it to any one. I love the ease of it especially compared to Adobe after effects. I never tried sony vegas don't know how that is compared to hit film. just my 3 cents
2013/2/12 1:42:45
dialogue I also do dialogue the same way as Woz does. For me this is much easier and I am lazy. Push record then talk and bam done lol. I would also suggest in the dialogue box to rename it to charecters name or whatever so as not to get confused as to what audio your using. I can see that happening. not that it ever umm happened to me. okay once but that was it. I would also suggest being totally organized if you do a long movie as I shoot in small scenes so name your dialogue recording in a way that will be easy to remember what scene or shot its used for if that makes any sense. Having alot of people with dialogue can be overwhelming if your not organized. Looking forward to seeing some videos soon!
2013/2/11 1:42:07
How-to Video using blender to import 3ds files Thanks Urban this is greatly appreciated bowrofl
2013/2/7 1:28:05
Top 3 improvements Well my top 3 and not in any order as I would be excited if any of them made it.
1) audio in wave form. this would be great for timing issues
2) more actions for super heros like the ones for the base characters. example romance actions etc etc.
3) Group animation like being able to animate a crowd at once..maybe a crowd action or something.
2013/2/2 3:48:14
Coming Soon... Dylly that was absolutly funny lol. Great stuff there no doubt.
2013/1/23 1:52:10
Game, SET, and match... :) as I am one that is model making difficent. I greatly appreciate people like Urban, Danny and Dylly. Try as I might my model making just isnt up to par so a big thanks from the Hamster Man!!
2013/1/20 16:56:15
Whack- a- mole or trigger happy style? my biggest fustration has always been having to flip through tabs to get to the animation i want to use after setting up everything.
I would love to have a seperate window with maybe a long list of selected animations instead of nine maybe 20 that can be sizable to match your workspace. that way you dont have to flip try to find the animation on which tab you put it.
2013/1/15 1:40:24
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar congrats to the winners. Guess I will have to go buy the mic now lol. Anywhoo great contest and congrats again to the winners. Next time there is a contest maybe you should make a rule where I win hehehe!!
2013/1/9 1:34:58
Coming soon (tm) episode 3 out takes.. of sorts.. good thing that wasn't smell a vision hehe.
2013/1/9 1:31:15
Really good text to speech ! urbanlamb wrote:
hehe i was actually looking at text to speech advances in the last couple of months there is another really awesome one that I am seriously considering from yamaha for music

I spent a good couple of hours researching this one trying to find a weakness that would scream "synthetic" to me I could find none

I wanted a synthetic male voice or two because well i can't even do a "fake" one haha I can do chipmunks, elves, squirrels, kids, midgets but not "man voices".. Big Grin
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Vocaloid is used alot with Miku Miku Dance which is alot of fun to mess with once you get the hang of it. a little bit of animation software also.
2013/1/4 13:38:20
Happy New Year

May 2013 be the year of Muvizu lol Hope everyone has a great year.
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