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2011/1/4 21:46:01
better way to move characters Dreeko wrote:
This is an age old muvizu gripe and the requests for a waypoints system have been shouted from the rooftops for long and weary .

But wait!

In the latest news flash from muvizu it has been stated that they have been considering an enhanced locomotion system to make object and character control easier and more accurate.(direct quote)

so hopefully this will be what we've been asking for to remedy the problem


PS: personally I would put a facial animation system above waypoints but thats me!

I'd like to see more control in the facial animation area as well.
2011/1/3 14:51:57
Beware the Pie Part 4 A really great series. VERY well made. I've enjoyed watching it and hope to see more.
2010/12/17 11:22:34
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th Congratulations Rollo! Nice work!
2010/12/14 13:24:12
Awesome stop-motion Lego animation Nothing like guns, bombs and violence! That was really neat. Actually I was messing around with stop motion animation until I found Muvizu.

I was using these little figures you can buy called Stikfas. They can be posed in just about any configuration you can think of and are very suitable for stop motion. But, like I said my stop motion career was cut short when I found Muvizu.

In the future I may try to combine some Muvizu animation and some stop motion animation using the "green screen" technique and see how it looks.
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2010/12/10 17:25:35
Stolen Snowman HAHAHA!!!! That was funny!
2010/12/7 18:06:42
Christmas Muvizu laptop Santa Claus came early this year for me thanks to the fine people at Muvizu. It's a bit bigger than a laptop but I love it!!! Thank you Muvizu!
2010/12/5 21:53:55
Christmas Muvizu laptop I have an ASUS gaming laptop that runs Muvizu like a dream. It even runs my other high end 3d animation software as well.
2010/11/28 19:01:04
My Musical Project Here's a short clip of a musical project I'm working on. It's still in the rough draft stage but I thought I'd show you guys the progress so far.

2010/11/27 21:00:54
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely I think a good animation involves a good storyline. Look at Southpark or the Simpsons. Neither show is animated using "high end" techniques and yet each show has millions of people who watch it regularly. It just goes to show that having beautifully rendered scenes and realistic looking characters doesn't always make for a good animated series.

Everyone knows the characters are not real but yet they seem real because of how they act on the screen and how the story is told. The characters are entertaining and funny and people seem to relate to them in one way or another. "Oh, I have a friend that acts just like Cartman" or " Did you see what Bart did, my brother did that same thing last week". Things like that.

Try to picture yourself lost in the woods. What would you do? How would you do it? What are you feeling at that moment? These are things that need to be incorporated into the character on the screen in order to make them more "believable". Being able to have your characters portray emotions from the situation they are in is a tough thing to do but studios like Disney and Pixar do it quite well.

I guess what I am trying to say here is that fancy software doesn't make a good entertaining animation. Being able to tell a story and make your characters seem "alive" will make the outcome more believable and entertaining to your audience no matter what software you use.

I hope this makes sense.
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2010/11/27 4:24:13
Moviestorm - Let your ideas run freely I've looked at the other software that's sort of like Muvizu or Muvizu is sort of like them or however you would like to compare them all and I myself prefer using Muvizu. Being a long time user of some really hard to learn and use animation software I find Muvizu to be a breath of fresh air. Since my preference is cartoon style animation it suits me just fine.

Every piece of software is going to have it's strengths and weakness's and Muvizu is no exception. There are some things that it won't do and I would like to see a few things added into future versions but for what it does do and how it goes about doing it you can't really beat it. And being totally free is mind boggling in my opinion.

In my short time using the Muvizu I've never seen a development team that listens to their users like this one does. They seem to be genuinely interested in what their users want and they seem to try their best to add it to the software when they can. Like Dreeko said, Muvizu has only been around for a short time with a small development team. I think all of us are going to be pleasantly surprised at what they have in store for us in future releases.
2010/11/26 14:45:20
GAGA finalist Good luck guys!
2010/11/14 17:25:05
Ability to merge objects and characters... I haven't tried that but I sure will!

That's what I really like about Muvizu, just when you think you have a good handle on the program there's always something new to discover. Thanks for the tip Neil!
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2010/11/14 17:06:25
Ability to merge objects and characters... It would be nice to be able to merge or import parts of one set with another. For example, say that I have a city set I am working on, no characters just the set. I also have some characters that I designed saved in another file. It would be nice to be able to merge or import one or more of those characters into the present set I am working with rather than have to re-design each character.

That way a person could have libraries of objects or characters saved and be able to just import what they need into the set they are working on. Libraries of re-usable objects and characters that you can use in any set or scene you are working on.

If you are working on a project that has many different sets it sure would save time to be able to import or merge the characters and props from set to set as needed rather than having to redo each character or prop for each set.

I hope this makes sense...
2010/11/13 20:03:27
Do we get candy Great video as usual! I want candy too!!!!!
2010/11/12 17:08:44
Beta Installation I guess I like to live dangerously, I just over wrote the old installation. Bleeding edge is GREAT!!!!!!
2010/11/12 17:06:18
Ragdoll mode? You never know, the guys at Muvizu keep coming up with more and more really cool features. Maybe down the road (fingers crossed)
2010/11/12 14:49:13
remote manifest failed I have the exact same issue. Everything seems to be running fine but I was wondering about this as well. I am running Windows 7 64 bit.
2010/11/10 18:57:19
latest version I haven't put all of the new features through their paces yet but I sure do like what I am seeing so far! As usual, great job Muvizu team!
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2010/11/10 16:25:35
latest version I think I'll go with Status Quo on your demo. Those guys know how to rock!
2010/11/9 18:43:43
Are we there yet? Are we there yet?.. Neil wrote:
PS: I can't stand Axl Rose. I haz a grumpy now.

I totally agree...
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