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2022/6/27 22:17:51
This Week At Adequate Foor Mart In "This Week At Adequate Food Mart", you can check out all the deals you can get if you happen to live in the greater Pigeontown area.
2022/6/24 0:09:47
Down To Earth Only idiots believe these spammers and scammers posting links, trying to defraud you of your money.
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2022/6/20 22:33:16
Smitten Aestiphan, the Lord of Victorious and Most Passionate Smiting, discovers the problem with ending the world.
2022/6/20 22:24:33
Down To Earth Only a fool would follow the links of pinkysharma69, a very obvious scammer.
2022/6/13 22:56:13
Making It Barry Fenwick is finding out more than he wants to while visiting his parents.
2022/6/6 22:32:31
A Taste Of Lightning When their still blows up, Jim-Bob and Cletus are left with no way to get all liquored up!
2022/5/30 22:50:16
The Homeworld Two aliens use a plaque found on a space probe to locate it's planet of origin.
2022/5/23 22:37:38
The Cruellest Cut In 1947, Rookie Cop Ham isn't ready for the crime he comes across.
2022/5/20 22:29:27
Moving forward A number of years ago while recovering from heart surgery I was stuck at home bored out of my mind. I discovered Bitstrips, an automated comic strip making website that was just starting out. The software was more sophisticated than the usual thing you find on the net and I discovered that I really enjoyed creating jokes and stories with it. It eventually was eclipsed by another offering by them called Bitmoji. Snapchat bought the works and shut the comic making site down.
I tried hand drawing and although I managed to do a reasonable job, I found it very laborious and I began looking for another creative outlet. I eventually found Muvizu which has similarities to the comic software but of course, is far more powerful. Although I can draw, I already know I don't have the talent to animate but Muvizu gets me around that and being 3D it is so much better. I am sorry that I appear to have found it when it's been bought by a company that clearly doesn't care to support it properly. Hopefully, despite that, I can get a few years of enjoyment out of it before I have to search for something else again.
2022/5/16 22:22:32
The Pile When visiting his parents, Zeke asks his dad about the secret.
2022/5/2 22:51:50
Would You Believe? Vermilion and Violet are having difficulty getting others to follow their beliefs.
2022/4/25 22:52:39
The New Installation Robot Bob 722 has a question for robot Dirk 1-17.
2022/4/18 22:49:20
Just A Man One man with a heart full of justice decides to take on the evil that stalks the city streets at night.
2022/4/11 22:57:30
A Little Joke Jeffery doesn't think his father's jokes are very funny.
2022/4/7 22:40:34
Down To Earth These links are scams. Don't be a fool by using them.

Te linki to oszustwa. Nie bądź głupcem, używając ich.
2022/4/6 22:10:47
Down To Earth I do not like these sorts of scam posts on my postings. Anyone who follows any of these dubious links is likely to be robbed.
2022/4/4 22:48:49
Down To Earth A rock zooms through space on a collision course with Earth!
2022/3/28 22:57:29
Tomorrow Says Hello Barry's camping trip is interrupted by an unexpected visitor.
2022/3/21 22:53:06
The Night Of The Exalted Having acquired an artifact, a couple enters the secret chamber under their house to perform an ancient ritual.
2022/3/14 22:57:16
One Fine Day Forty Years Later When finally rescued, a castaway has a lot to catch up on.
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