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2011/9/2 7:55:54
Works well with onbord laptop graphics I got a new laptop that has no graphics card, just on processor chip graphics.

You can see it here

It was about 500 pounds but a really big high res screen for a laptop.

It works well with Muvizu. On the really detailed sets like the church one there a little jurkyness but turning shadows off solves this.

All in all it's a great machine to sit back on the sofa and do some Muvizu work.

Basically, just saying at least some laptops out there that don't have separate graphics card (just on chip graphics) can handle Muvizu... Just however tried it with the Samsung R730, so can only say that machine works well with it.
2011/9/2 7:46:03
Various improvments Perhaps the smiling could be an added independently controlled option as is currently done with the eyes and head movement.

So smiling would be done as now with character actions, but should you wish to override the smile to neutral smile or sad smile then you could...
2011/8/31 21:11:21
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks for that

Was glad to help.
2011/8/31 9:09:33
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Thanks and it was a pleasure, and I will be adding ones to the Muvizu repository in the future. Some of my best sets are included in the downloadable Muvizu anyways

I've been quiet for a long time as I had to renovate two houses. Once I move to Czech in a few weeks I should have more time
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2011/8/31 7:04:53
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) As Muvizu created this within their website since and as the domain was due to expire, it seemed to me it should become redundant as the Muvizu site is better place for that resource.

So I created the thread and am ok if Muvizu wish to archive the thread or at least unpin it.
2011/8/31 6:55:43
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Yes the "Sets" feature on Muvizu website has replaced this facility.

Moderators should archive this thread.
2010/11/22 13:45:54
Directing animation block by block Also would be nice if there is a way to adjust the character walking/running speed, as I find it hard to move my mouse around at the right speed. Somethimes my character ends up running when I wanted him walking and visa-versa.
2010/11/22 13:40:26
Directing animation block by block Yes agreed, i've been banging on about having a scripting mode to use as an additional option of doing these things. But I realise many would think scripting too technical for Muvizu, so your ideas would be a good alternative.

At the moment I agree directing is a bit of a hit and miss clicky and rather seat of the pants sort of thing.
It's just all a bit too real time.
I often have to re-do things many times before often accidently getting something that will do but not usually exactly what I was intending.

This I feel is by far the single biggest flaw in the product which is otherwise an absolutely fabulous product.

Of course as said here I would not want to ditch the current way, just provide some extra control when required.
2010/11/17 19:57:19
Muvizu TV I agree Muvizu should categorise them, not the users.
2010/11/17 19:55:00
Face animations Anyways back to topic, face animations would give so much to the subtlety that could be acheived and to show delicate emotion.

I'd bet a tener they will do it within the next couple of years
2010/11/17 19:52:04
Face animations Neil wrote:
Than wrote:
They probably using some sort of object inheritance and polymorphism

Don't you go accusing us of fancy voodoo!

Bet there's some complicated voodoo going on in your big baby of a product that gives your developers a headache sometimes Angry Mob (i'm involved in a big C# project and if it's anywhere near as complex as that...)
2010/11/17 13:55:01
Face animations They probably using some sort of object inheritance and polymorphism
2010/11/17 13:51:07
Muvizu TV Rekon they should keep the most recent first as they do at the moment as the first gallery page.

But I agree with the idea to offer selection by category also, if there was a "by category".

Although some do add tags, this can be inconsistent...

Personally would like a "Movie episodes" category for example where things like Ghost house etc are there as they are movie where new chapters are released over time...
2010/11/16 19:25:58
Face animations There is the eye movements, but other facial animations, it's something I rekon they will do one day.
I wonder if they have to apply it separately to each character type? So the more character types they add perhaps then it's more work to introduce things like this, perhaps, or maybe not?
2010/11/16 19:22:42
Let's hear it for the Muvizu team Ah yes, thumbs up I'm still a fan i agree
2010/11/16 19:17:48
My Thoughts and Audio And if it's not actual dialogue you can also use a post video editing suite to add and move around sound, even windows movie maker should you not have any thing like sony vegas or pinnacle.

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2010/11/16 13:08:06
Directed movement but no scripting option On a positive note, i've now had time to try out the extra effects and I absolutely love the new ones.

You guys must have been very busy doing all the new features.

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2010/11/15 19:59:02
Directed movement but no scripting option As an example, here is something I did a long time back, way before Muvizu existed.
The images that flow out of the fountains are scripted and didn't take long to do create.
But as you can see the effect is cool, and once the script is created you can use it for other objects in other situtations. So much possibilities with scripting.

Pivot points would be nice too so that objects can be linked together, that's how I got the swaying poppies and trees to work...

Praying one day to have an advanced button in the muvizu object animation pane to allow these things to be incorporated...

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2010/11/15 19:44:23
Directed movement but no scripting option If you haven't heard much from me is cus nearly all of my time is spent renovating a house at the moment and for several weeks to come...

But I've taken time out to try the new Beta and in particular the Directed movement of objects.

Yep I've had a go a the Beta and it's nice to have some form of object movement and it fits with the way everything else is done.

I get that.

However object movement without a scripting mechanism that allows loops and calculations means there is a lot of things you cannot realistically do, or it would be extremely hard/time consuming to do.

For example many tennis balls shot out of a tennis ball launcher would be very hard to do using the current system.
Lots of leaves falling of trees would be time comsuming to do with direction.

Any object movement in a cirular motion is hard without scripting also.

The unreal engine already has scripting and I am hoping that at some point the object movement will have an "Advanced" button that allows the object to be scripted rather than directed.

I mean essential to keep the object direction facility as it is easy to pick up and go with it,
but having an advanced scripting of objects also would allow people to create great special effects of there own and share these scripts...

I get the keep it easy thing Muvizu is doing but I do pray for in the future that there could be the odd advanced button here and there to allow more presice control over stuff, that would still keep it easy but allow better control for those that are ready for it...
2010/10/31 18:30:35
Ghost house episode 2 Yep, it's great and better than the 1st episode.
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