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2016/8/20 1:08:16
The truth about how i make music Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saschaende/videos/1753533161555801/

2016/2/29 9:49:06
Annoying bug with keyframe camera I am hoping for an answer of the team

I dont think this is big work to fix for the developers.

As i suggested an additional option for every keypoint "rotate camera: none | right | left" would fix this problem easily.
2016/2/29 8:07:07
Annoying bug with keyframe camera Hi,

this bug very annoying. I uploaded this set, so you can test it:

I just added a camera and made three keyframe points - nothing special. Between the second and the last point the camera makes a senseless rotation. Why? I dont want that the camera rotates a full 360 degree.

Any way to fix this?

I think it is very important to fix this, because this bug makes the keyframe pack unusable
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2016/2/11 13:08:23
Keyframe camera and rotation PatMarrNC wrote:
have you tried inserting one or more intermediate key frame(s) that would force the rotation direction you want?

Yes, did not help.
2016/2/8 14:04:55
Keyframe camera and rotation A good solution would be this... like in Adobe Flash. For every keypoint i can set speed (speed up, slow down) and rotation (right, left).

2016/2/4 20:45:14
Keyframe camera and rotation I would suggest that i could tell something like use "left rotation" or "right rotation" for every keypoint.
2016/2/4 20:25:17
Keyframe camera and rotation Hi,

when using keyframe animation for the camera, the camera makes useless 360 turns.

How can i make the camera move how i want to move?
2015/11/17 9:48:03
Tears In My Eyes (dedicated to the france people) I am a musician and made a song "tears in my eyes". Muvizu was perfect to make a video in just half an hour.

2015/11/14 0:31:27
Key frames update 10th November Its a bug? I can not record the eye movements or movements of the head. Its only with the new version.
2015/11/8 21:11:43
muvizu.dll in windows 10 Okay...strange.

Reinstalled 32 bit, then 64 bit again and now works.
2015/11/8 20:46:50
muvizu.dll in windows 10 Hi,

i have a brand new pc with windows 10, nvidia geforce gtx ...

Installed muvizu and can not start. Get the error "muvizu.dll not found".

What to do? Is muvizu not compatible with windows 10?
2015/10/6 10:01:23
Another AVI question I use freemake video converter, its free.


Use the avi preset with h.264 encoding
2015/10/4 22:53:21
Just stay cool MrDrWho13 wrote:
Yes, more of these please!

More will come... always on www.grommels.de

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2015/10/2 11:26:43
Just stay cool
2013/12/3 16:47:03
Christmas music video I made a little music video.... (my first one with muvizu):

Big Grin
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