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23/12/2014 20:36:44

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Can someone recommend a good Muvizu ASE exporter for Sketchup 8?
I have only found 2, HSKP2UNR_Muvizu.rb (Version M0.9.3) and $RW3EXWR.rb (Version Version: 0.0.8) both by Raphael Couturier. The first allows imported objects to be stood on but all objects can only have one texture which is zoomed out so lacks any detail (e.g. brickwork is just a blur). The second allows each surface to have a different texture (without the zooming out problem) but the imported object cannot be stood on.
There must be an ASE exporter that allows objects to be stood on AND lets each surface have a different texture, without the zoomed out effect.
24/12/2014 06:09:52

ukBertyMuvizu mogulExperimental user
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Mr Monk......

A couple of us use this -

This creates an ASE which has a very small collision box at the axis origin. This means that you can build very complex sets as all the objects can touch each other, but it means that objects cannot be stood on.

On the few occasions when it is necessary for characters to stand/sit on objects then:-

  • create a ground plane
  • make it as small as possible (or the same size as the area you wish to be stood on)
  • set can be stood on/keep upright and floats in air
  • Set visibility off
This will give you much, much more control over both your set design and character/object interaction.
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