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2014/9/30 18:12:04
Buzzball "...the ass is the worst" Big Grin

Nicely done - will he have a sidekick? (Buzzboy!)
2014/9/28 21:37:19
Coming Soon... That's very promising looking, love that sunshine! Cool
2014/9/28 21:31:01
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines Well, we have our two voices - thankyou for everyone who was tried out or got in touch for any and all of them. The cast for Sammamish will be as follows :

Ted Bundy
Marc Hickey (HayManMarc)

Bill Hagmaier
Craig Harbison (Harb40)

Warden Dugger
Derek McQuiston (Dreeko)

Louise Bundy
Revel Peters (UrbanLamb)

Tie-Down Guard
Brian Gray (BrianGray)

I always wanted it to be an all Muvizu cast, and it is - you're all great, it's up to me now
2014/9/26 19:32:14
The cast for upcoming movie :) Nice textures on the end characters - look forward to seeing how that works out
2014/9/26 19:26:59
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Dreeko, I'd actually be happy for Muvizu to evolve into an iclone...clone, even a poor one, because it'd still give us about a 100 times more freedom than we currently have (Action-wise, at the very least). Nice video though. Also, controlling how much the character's eye opens by actually pulling down their 'eyelid' from the top of the direction ball? That's a nice, intuitive implementation of the concept, I think. Looks alright, that iclone...
2014/9/26 19:03:50
Coming Soon... Ah yes, you can't beat a good S.H.I.T.E
2014/9/23 16:17:48
And the Muvizu Oscar winner is... And you didn't even get the Fifa coins, whatever the hell they're supposed to be! Big Grin
2014/9/23 15:57:04
Muvizu main screen area continuously spinning. Spam Alert!

Or rather, this idiot is a spammer latching onto a valid thread.
2014/9/18 16:21:33
New Forum oziabla wrote:
Hi guys

Well doom and gloom all around but I'm quite cheerful. (FTR: I'm a paying Plus+ customer).

Firstly, Muvizu is a tool. It either works or it doesn't, and for me, it works.

On top of that I've established a relationship with Tangledbliss and some amazing things are under way for our kid's show.

Could Muvizu be better? Sure. But we could all switch to Blender as well. Everything could always be different.

If you cannot create art with Muvizu as it is, then by all means move on. If you can, then keep at it.

I think there is a long way to go before the potential of Muvizu (as is) is fully exhausted.

What He Said
I started using this program when it was in beta, in 2010. You couldn't move the cameras, or put textures on the characters, all kinds of restrictions, but we still had fun with it because we were only interested in what the program could do, not what it couldn't do.
I did this with the beta version, 2 years ago.

Now, apart from the breathing bug and the movement thing (just don't use the draggy method guys, use click to click, it works) I love Play, it allows me to do what I did in the beta version and more, and then the Play+ stuff on top of that is excellent - you should see what this set looks like now...

Anyway, my point is please everyone stop digging that grave until you've actually been sent the funeral invite, it's only polite. It's in need of a patch, certainly, and they're dragging their heels about it, but it's not the end of the (Muvizu) world. I waited 3 years to be able to hold a fork, so chill
2014/9/9 23:31:14
Take a look at this... It's a mini masterpiece
2014/9/7 18:03:39
Pirouettes at the Palace When I click on it it says "The video has been removed by the user".
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2014/9/7 17:20:48
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook No, you can't add to the video memory - however you can allocate more to it from the main system memory (your 4gb). Muvizu doesn't use that much memory, it's all about power.
2014/9/7 14:34:46
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook Avoid Xp, Microsoft stopped supporting it in April (so no security fixes). Vista is fine with Muvizu.
2014/9/7 12:21:16
wanted: the lightest (about 1 kilo) netbook Netbooks are for watching films and going online, they are very rarely powerful enough to run any kind of game. Muvizu needs a gaming laptop, at least, which is heavier, faster, and more expensive than any netbook. I know you don't want something that heavy, but please don't waste your time trying to run Muvizu on a netbook. The minimum spec for Muvizu may appear to be met by some models, but realistically? No chance on something that slow. 2kg is a more feasible target, in a 13 or 14" laptop, like MDW13 suggests.
2014/9/6 23:52:01
Coming Soon... Yup, lovin' the dark
2014/9/5 22:35:27
Need A US Male Voice for a few (important!) lines Okay, we got the always excellent Dreeko as Dugger, but still an option for the 2 Guard lines. Two lines, c'mon!
2014/9/5 0:28:25
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Damn, can't stop thinking about blender now... Big Grin
2014/9/4 21:41:10
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) The program Raylectron is a render engine for Sketchup, it's nothing to do with the model itself (or Muvizu), just how you render out the final image. The plugin for sketchup I mentioned is just a little bit of the main program that exports textures, nothing more - but it's confusing I know, since they're both called the same thing...
2014/9/4 15:27:34
Import a Sketchup object (with his textures) Interesting approach Fazz. I use a Sketchup plugin called Raylectron Texture Exporter (which I found out about from Dylly here https://www.muvizu.com/forum/topic1904-sketchup-texture-exporter-free-plugin.aspx ). It exports all the files in their original format and name automatically when you use it.
2014/9/2 22:50:27
The Future of Muvizu revealed! ...aaaand breathing out again. You know, it's not really that we want the program to be improved as much as we need it FIXED. Y'know, just working with no movement bug, breathing option working, and double-sided character attachments. And that attachment slot on the Sinister Character (ahem) which Fazz68 has just noticed. Not development work, just a patch or two, so we can get on with stuff.
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