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2011/9/6 12:54:55
Having problem with my account Hi Ian

Yeah my youtube account is linked to a google account, force into it as you said. I just unlinked the account but still get the same message.
2011/9/6 12:01:53
Having problem with my account I've tried several time to upload a video since yesterday and I keep getting this message

Sorry, a problem occurred. Please try again later.

I have had a simlar problem when trying to post comments on videos. I get this message

Sorry, we could not post your comment at this time.

The only way I can post a message on a muvizu video is to do it straight from youtube and bypass the muvizu site.

Any help appreciated

2011/8/26 17:58:22
Newbie.... Neil wrote:
Can I just chip in with something here...

We're going to someday have characters holding props. We may or may not make weapons for it, depending on how we feel about at the time. But whatever wieldable props we make, you're probably going to think of a hundred other things you'd rather see anyway.

So whenever we do this, we'll try to reuse the object importer that we already have. That way if we don't make the exact gun / sword / rocket launcher /
you so desperately need for your clips, you can always make them yourselves (or find one on that there interweb).

How does that sound?

Sounds Great neil. I have a full collection of gun models that me and a colleague made for a game back in 2006. Im sure it wont be a problem to donate them to the muvizu user assets.

I'll remove the firing pins. Big Grin
2011/8/25 13:21:37
Stop breathing, and hold that POSE!!! Nice solution would be if their was a link feature added in a future version.

...Possible functionality...
Move and rotate your object into place near your left or right hand. Select both the character and object and then hit the link object to bone key. This brings up a popup for the attach object feature. The Popup would allow you to select the desired bone to attach too. IE left or right hand.

Feature could be extended to attach objects to other body parts like head bone, spline bone.

THis would open up alot of possibilities.
2011/8/23 14:25:47
Various improvments Wabby wrote:
a neutral mood (same actions with happy mood, but WITHOUT smiling)

Totally agree a neutral mood expression is needed. When I tryed to do serious video the only mood that would work and give a serious feel was the sad expression. But I didnt really want the sad body language. Catch 22

If it was possible to use any of the mood animations but have a face expression override. This would be very handy for mixing and matching stock anims with your desired face mood expression.
2011/5/23 13:25:05
Little Miss Random cool claire

She is definitely random thats for sure. Look forward to more of her randomness Big Grin
2011/5/23 13:21:15
Nick Danger - Part 3 is now online Great work bigwally
2011/5/23 13:20:18
Garage Band Trailer... Sweet trailer m8. Really good.
2011/5/20 12:13:39
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system freakmoomin wrote:
im starting to fear for my job.........but in saying that......ive been afraid of mocap for about 8 years and im still here

keyframed animation will always live on like stop motion. Motion capture is pretty cool but it doesn't really complement certain project styles. Look at Pixar, I bet they have access to the best mocap system around but they still key frame 90% of their animations in their films.
2011/5/19 22:01:22
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system I recently made a demonstration video for the machinima channel. U may find it informative

Its shows how u can use the kinect as a cheap mocap system on your pc

Hopefully epic will incorporate the kinect into the unreal engine one day.
It Would be very cool using this in Muvizu.
2011/5/18 14:14:44
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... Great work on the video ziggy. Pretty cool
2011/5/13 11:21:20
Youtube and copyrighted music As far as I know youtube just automatically recognizes music or watever from its wav fingerprint and then take the appropriate action whether it be just adding a linking or showing copywrite info or in some cases removing the video.

Its a very clever system they have in place.
2011/5/12 21:08:02
Coming soon Great vid am Loving it. 64bit and anitalias is gonna be sweet. Great work chaps
2011/5/10 11:42:03
Textures everywhere Thats great news. Thanks Barry.
2011/5/8 12:10:13
Textures everywhere I would love the ability to add full body textures too the characters.
If a tga with the characters UV layout was made avalible and import option added to the character much like the one for the chest and back, but for the full body mesh. This would be an brilliant feature IMO.
2011/5/7 11:38:55
Bark Park I'm glad I'm not a dog Big Grin Great video m8
2011/5/4 1:02:30
Terror at Littletown Defo has that B movie feel. Cool vid Wabby
2011/5/4 1:01:35
Trevor and Rogers Video Album Promo Brilliant m8.
2011/5/3 18:38:45
Pet ewok! Super cuteo
2011/4/28 13:52:25
A tutorial vid from Dreeko I like your new intro dreeko. Great tutorial too m8.

Whats that bands name, vertigo Big Grin
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