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2015/11/21 22:05:38
Audio Sounds like a glitch, you might want to contact support.
2015/11/21 15:27:22
object could not load wdeprospo wrote:
P.S. What's with the new timeline?

I can't see any differences, what's new?
2015/11/21 15:26:19
error loading a scene dalola wrote:
when I try to activate the license I get an error W1

You'll have to contact support about that one, it's not listed in the wiki:
2015/11/21 14:11:18
object could not load zadecat wrote:
see attached. why does this happen after hours of work and saving. all gone. can't get to it.

There's nothing attached.
Your sets are still fine, but Muvizu is throwing a wobbly.
Here is the previous version, but it has bugs with directing head movement as far as I know:
Here is the late September version (Stable but older):
2015/11/21 10:54:02
Purchase Gelson wrote:
Antes de continuar investindo, tive mais problemas. Ao gravar cortes de câmera, o programa exibe um log de erros e fecha.

Here's a link to september's release if you'd prefer that to the latest version.
Are you currently on the latest version? This sounds more like an issue of the previous one.
2015/11/21 9:04:40
error loading a scene dalola wrote:
thank you
It would be appreciated

Here is the link to September's version, I think it's stable, but it is reasonably old now.

Here's the previous version which has bugs with directing head movement:
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2015/11/20 23:37:51
error loading a scene It's a bug in the latest version. Expect an update within the next month.
If you need an installer for the last stable version (Late september or early november), I''ll happily link you to it.
2015/11/20 20:17:04
Does Muvizu only render targa frames as 24fps? I believe Muvizu uses 25fps, but I cannot remember where I read that.
2015/11/20 19:59:07
Key frames update 10th November ziggy72 wrote:

Further to the rotation question, at each KF I rotated the camera around, and the position was saved along with the KF so no need for the purple rotation cross at all (hooray!).

Now that is some excellent animation Ziggy!
2015/11/20 19:58:18
CONSTRAIN!!! Dreeko wrote:
So if it's been added to the list why am I making a post about it? Well I'd like to hear what you lot think and if you are as gobsmacked as myself for not coming up with it sooner!?

Yep, I'm trying to animate this robot with a moving arm, and I just want it to move forward and rotate 180 degrees. Good luck with that says Muvizu
2015/11/20 17:54:09
Problem after doing the upgrade help please urbanlamb wrote:
bugs "99 bugs on the wall 99 bugs. take one down and pass it around 129 bugs on the wall. "

They fixed some bugs but those bugs likely had babies and created new bugs.

Time to get the electric swatters out
2015/11/20 17:13:32
Problem after doing the upgrade help please Tubal wrote:
Isn't there something called 'beta testing' that would make this process less fraught?

The most recent update wasn't tested by us since it was just a patch for another problem and they hadn't expected there to be more underlying issues. Expect another update within the next month to patch this patch.
(If you really want an older version I have a few installers)
2015/11/20 7:21:59
Market place I thought I'd clear a couple of things up for a sec:
There would still be free assets from creators who would rather "donate" assets.
As for the payment system, I was thinking converting it to "virtual pounds" which would work on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. So if you put in $10, you'd get £6.55 of credit to spend (Rather than displaying it as $10).
2015/11/20 7:16:22
Problem after doing the upgrade help please jgourlay wrote:
I did have an issue exporting non-compressed video (<10 seconds of 90 seconds recording in avi) which seemed to be fixed by selecting the microsoft codec for compression. (First time I've encountered this but think it was mentioned by some on the forum before)

You might need to contact support about the errors:
The avi output of Muvizu is limited to 2GB. Using a codec usually shrinks the video below 2GB, but if you want higher quality video either use uncompressed or export as a targa sequence.
2015/11/19 22:27:16
Market place I agree with the points system - it releases a lot of strain from transaction fees. Also, as you guys have said, it's more appealing to have some credit to spend than having to reach for your credit card every time.
However, I think it needs to be represented in a real currency (as Steam does) rather than a confusing 100points is $1 or whatever; just say it's $1 or £0.50.

(I might make some mock-up designs for the store to represent what's said here.)
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2015/11/19 17:19:54
Grouping cameras with characters? ukBerty wrote:
I wasn't planning on 2020, but the way it's going......

Make it the plan, so it'll be "early".
2015/11/19 15:58:11
Keeping Muvizu "fresh"? Hi,
Muvizu does rely heavily on the graphics card, so if you have something less powerful than, say, a GTX750ti, you might run into a few performance issues.
As for the "fresh" install, you could easily install another version alongside your current version and test both to see if keeping it fresh improves the performance.
I know some of the moguls duplicate their Muvizu and re-name one "Muvizufresh". Then when they feel Muvizu becoming sluggish, they just copy the "fresh" files into their normal folder to speed it up a bit.
2015/11/19 15:51:09
Market place 50pence, but maybe I'm just a cheapskate
2015/11/19 14:06:03
Purchase It seems to be working for me, can you take a screenshot of the page where you're having issues?
2015/11/19 13:14:55
Grouping cameras with characters? I think linear keyframes are your best bet unless you're planning to release the film in 2020
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