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2012/8/15 16:38:40
me first real muvizu movie Thanks

I saw those animations when I was playing with the software to see what i could do with muvizu and it said to me "do this in muvizu" it was fun (a lot of work of course lol) but fun so I wanted to do the rest of the radio series overtime to complete the collection I just need a week or so off from sitting in this chair ^^
2012/8/14 23:51:34
Focus and Blur Movie on MUVIZU i have to report this bug because everytime i try to use the depth of field setting and click it on the camera muvizu crashes on me.. i have to remember to do this soon its 100% reproducable for me I have no clue what would cause that but its annoying ^^
2012/8/14 22:37:33
me first real muvizu movie haha thanks for the comments the green screen of superman was a bit off but I didnt even think it was going to work at all so happy it worked period. I was struggling with the logo because of post processing when I put in the screen shake if i used crop it looked aweful because of the logo so i had to kind of remove crop and let the edges of the movie show lol

I had fun with it so going to do more of this series in a couple months
2012/8/14 19:28:57
me first real muvizu movie it seems I should have uploaded from here and not from youtube anyhow I will get it right next time round . I was originally going to tackle this project in iclone but I kind of fell i love with muvizu at the exact same time they released their hero/villain package so well this was perfect for muvizu lol

here is "the origin of superman"

I now have to figure out how to give out sets and objects because well I built all the structures for both sets and figured others could use them.

not sure if its better to release them as sets or one object at a time..

anyhow it was fun I will be doing more muvizu movies as i get time!
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2012/8/14 18:08:25
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st Okay thanks it appears to have uploaded i hope its not damaged I didnt want to lower quality to use vimeo. I do hope this perception of muvizu changes as well. Applause

I am no steven spielberg but I like to make movies anyhow
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2012/8/14 15:30:26
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st I have one to submit. I saw on the website you want vimeo however the upload is too large as I dont have a pro vimeo account. Its being uploaded to youtube as they let me upload larger files in HD. However youtube "fixed" their uploader and that is giving me issue so hopefully I can get it uploaded soon (its been 2 days trying to get it to work lol) if I can't get it to work on youtube I will try dailymotion or something.

Muvizu is probably one of the most underrated machinima tools out there to be honest.
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2012/8/12 20:16:25
Heroes and Villains animation suggestion box hi I have some suggestions but I dont know if they should be limited to heroes and villains

I was/am doing a little muvizu movie and I came up with some things that would have been great to use

1) kneeling (one knee down) to do something on the ground
2) kneeling on both knees
3) sitting crosslegged on the ground all the sits are for a chair

most of the animations were pretty versatile i could interrupt them and pile other animations on top to create a newish move but I thought the kneeling could coupled with some of the other standing animations

kneel and shout to the sky
kneel and hands in front etc

anyhow the kneeling and sitting on the ground was something I missed you can lie on the ground in certain ways get blown about but just no plain sits
2012/8/8 14:49:55
Please add a save every 5 minutes or so... the "too large" is frustrating it has taken me a few times a good 10 minutes to find a spot until I realized that if you just go up into the air and try again it works everytime. (oops) The ground gets crowded very fast in muvizu for some reason. The out of bounds or too large is just a wierd message that is usually solved by leaving the ground and re-importing up in the air.

I haven't had muvizu crash often but I have developed the age old habit of saving every few minutes to the point I dont even notice it.

The only thing I found that is not functioning correctly in muvizu is some of the features on their cameras which I guess I should report when I figure how to get the error files out. when you try to use depth of field or blur I get a huge long long list of dll errors. The other issue is for some reason the first 10 seconds or so of video render in muvizu is never done properly so I always leave 15 seconds of nothingness at the beginning if I just start exporting my video at that point I never have an issue.

Also realistically it appears the longest clip to export without issue is about 1 minute 30 seconds long at the most I am exporting my scense in 1 minute clips and numbering them and then stitch them together in a video editing program. This last one reminds me of cgi lol so I guess I am used to it hehe.
2012/8/1 19:27:08
Great Program with a lot of potential.. but... muvizu is great and it works well. I have had it crash on me so far only once. I am building custom sets with all objects I made and the first set is almost done (well 3 sets really but 2 of them are simply indoor versions of the first set so its like one giant set hehe). I have had no issues importing anything into it and in one case I created a vehicle with a little man inside so a pretty complicated mesh.

I then spent some time testing just how many actors/puppets whatever you want to call them is possible to get on a set well lets just say its a lot (this is on a 64 bit system mind you) I got tired of hitting the create button

all this and they charge you 0.00 quite frankly its amazing. I saw a few muvizu animations about 6 months ago and downloaded muvizu then but had no time to do anything with it until recently.

There are tons of effects as well and they have an internal texture animating set up that pretty much makes it possible to create any illusion you please

and then I say to myself "all this for free " again

and thank muvizu for making such an epic piece of software available for users who may have zero budget that allows them to use machinima to tell their stories with!

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2012/7/28 18:13:31
Need a model or set made? I dont need any models but I keep seeing the comments in the thread about this lol its making me giggle so the question begs does one use the button "report as offensive" because of the smell of this high quality um turd?
2012/7/27 4:33:50
Machinima Expo Accepting Submissions July 1st I might have something for this it depends on if I run out of steam before its complete and can enter it for the deadline. I wasn't going to try to enter anything into this but might as well if I can get what I am working on finished and am happy with it.. if i am not happy I wont be letting anyone see :P
2012/7/26 23:44:37
Blender 2.63 and Muvizu Hi I am unaware how many people here use blender but I have been reading posts about a bugged exporter etc made by someone in the blender community. I have also been reading a lot about collision woes anyhow

If you can model even a little bit and want collision in muvizu (I know I do ) then a new exporter for new blender is out. I have tried it.. it works exactly and in tandem with any of the muvizu info on collision given in their 3d object importing.

Anyhow here is a video on how to add collision and have it all work. I have tried it and made about 6 objects already using this guys importer and all have collision. (building an entire set for my muvizu series hehe)

here is the video if you watch this and the muvizu video on naming for object imports you will have no grief at all

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2012/7/25 16:28:59
pleasantly surprised haha thanks. Hopefully I wont run into that too much as I am making the models in blender so can add some collission to the model in that. I haven't looked too far yet. I will try to avoid using sketchup if I possibly can it makes polygon heavy models but I will keep that info just in case I see something on google 3d that I could use.

thanks for the info!
2012/7/25 4:45:43
pleasantly surprised I have had a couple of "bad experiences" when it comes to using these movie platforms. Companies say things can be imported and then I find that all the information is well not true. I wanted to make a video series in muvizu i like the brand of animation and characters, but the assets for creating scenes was low on variety which is understandable really i am happy with the animations and characters which come with uvmapped clothing patterns which are easily downloaded and can be used to make our own costumes.

I started out tonight with pessimism "this wont work.. like they said it will" I dutifully watched the basic video on importing and went and got the importer for the most recent version of blender. I did what the video said and procrastinated and got myself a snack before attempting to import my strange creation for my series..

it worked first try! lol

anyhow thanks for having this great software that lets me use blender and gives me exactly zero grief. So I will proceed to make my little webseries because its possible to do it without loosing my mind and at the level of design i want!

2012/7/23 19:16:02
Hello a short parody MrDrWho13 wrote:

Great effect anyway!

haha thanks it appears I started to play with this software more with the release of the hero/villains content which I might try to do something with (if i have time). I have so many things I want to do I have to pick and choose but the muvizu engine is very nice with all the built in effects . I just have to see how hard it is to import 3D models etc created in blender. The characters and the uv layout for clothing makes it easy to make little costumes for them without much fuss which is great if you like to do texture design and art
2012/7/23 16:40:04
Hello a short parody Dylly wrote:
Okay...how did you get the insect to flap its wings? I've got to ask...impressive shot.

that was the only part that was not a piece of muvizu i got a bit carried away in my demo and decided to make a model in other software and create an overlay

Its simply an animated 3d model using other software not so impressive you can see at the end he is just an overlay and not part of muvizu that and the splat are outside of the muvizu realm haha. The bug was made in Blender like anything not hard once you learn how
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2012/7/22 4:22:48
Hello a short parody I was trying to learn how to use muvizu and as I am trying to write some articles on all the "free" for use engines around for new machinima people to get to use. Anyhow this turned out a bit more elaborate then I had planned. Muvizu is nice.. I found that most of the assets made by users dont load into muvizu though got a lot of errors missing textures or parts etc.. the muvizu assets that came with the software are nice but a bit scant if you dont know how to make your own

anyhow here is my newbie muvizu movie I had wanted a flying well fly or something but could not find anything that would suffice. I tried to make a flying small character at one point but alas I could not make him fly so I had to use a cgi overlay . Anyhow I did this quickly this weekend to show others how to use muvizu now I just have to write the article

I thought I would include the article link as well now that its written. I have a few people who actually read my blog and info I post and are looking for tools to use for creative purposes.

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