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2013/5/1 11:07:36
Directing Video Issues???? Dennisl2 wrote:
I need one of my characters to raise their hand; I prepared the audio, and I also prepared the action raising hand, oh I also shushed all of the other characters, but when I go to direct the character action, it won't raise the character's hand.
Are you trying to use the "Raise Hand" animation to do this? If so, please note that this is from the "Boardroom" category and is intended to be used from a sitting position. The animation will appear greyed-out and unusable if you try to direct the character to use it while standing.

You can make a character sit by either using the "Initial State" dropdown menu in the "Prepare Character Actions" window:

Or by preparing and directing the "Sit" character action from the "Posture" category:

If you definitely need your character to raise their hand while in a standing position, and having the character sit won't do at all, can I recommend you use the "Wave" character action from the Happy > Strong category? It's a little less formal than the "Raise Hand" character action, but gives a similar effect!:

Alternatively, you can just have the character sit and use "Raise Hand" but use camera cuts to frame things in such a way that no-one can actually tell the character is sitting!:

Hope this helps!
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2013/4/30 9:56:55
So much potential, so many bugs WozToons wrote:
The mouse wheel on some menus zooms the view as well.
This seems to only happen in the "Create" menu, when you select "View As Details". If you feel this is causing an interruption in workflow, then until we can fix this in an upcoming patch then all you need to do is click "View As Icons" or "View As Tiles" instead of having "View As Details" selected and the scrollwheel should only affect objects in the Create menu window as long as the mouse pointer is in it and not affect the Muvizu environment. Apologies if you really find it a lot easier to work with "View As Details" and are determined that it's the only way you can work with Muvizu, but "View As Tiles" is really very similar but with slightly bigger icons and text. It's easier to read, so in fact we're really doing you a favour by encouraging you to use this. Your eyes will thank us in a couple of years' time!
2013/4/18 13:49:24
So much potential, so many bugs ekholbrook wrote:
if anyone wants to add to muvizu gallery feel free... Since I went the other route, saved out, upped to my own account, I wouldn't know then how that works.
To add videos to the Muvizu Gallery outwith the app, you can just click the bright pink "Upload" button that should be in the bar at the top of every page on the website and then select the "Upload A Video" link.

Cool video, and great tips on managing set file / output size problems!
2013/4/18 13:15:01
Problems uploading / commenting on videos We'd love to put it up, chuckles, but unfortunately your video hasn't yet fed through to us from YouTube!

Videos uploaded via Muvizu.com can sometimes take a wee while to filter through to us for approval after it goes live on YouTube. The length of time it takes for this to happen can seem pretty random at times, and it isn't out of the ordinary for something uploaded just one day earlier to not show up in our Gallery yet. Please wait at least two days before worrying about there being a problem.

chuckles, I have watched your "Rosie - Hound Dog" video on YouTube and see no questionable content in it so can personally guarantee that it'll get approved for our Gallery as soon as it feeds through to us!
2013/4/18 10:33:22
Animate the rotation and scale ThirdMedia wrote:
Hello guys I am new, and I am coming from Microsoft kids 3d movie maker. Out of all the quick movie making software's muvizu is most like that old software, but it lacks alot of the features that old thing has. I believe I can give good ideas to help improve muvizu. dont get me wrong Muvizu is awesome and a far cry better!! but I am sure people would like to make a tank drive over a car and squash it in this software. Big Grin

Anyway how do I animate the rotation and scale of an object or character? like in the that old windows 98 movie maker software. If this feature is not in this software animating the rotation and scale seems like a great idea, same as moving the object the same way a character is moved by the mouse.

old windows 98 3d kids movie maker software
edited by ThirdMedia on 18/04/2013

Hi ThirdMedia - thanks for your interest and suggestions regarding Muvizu, and I'm glad to see you are enjoying our software so much!

ThirdMedia wrote:
I believe I can give good ideas to help improve muvizu.
...and *I* believe they would be most welcome! We take a great deal of pride in Muvizu, and that pride comes entirely from putting as many smiles on our users' faces as possible. We listen to every bit of feedback we receive and try hard to implement every feature that the community cries out for when we can, so please do feel free to share your ideas and we'll do our best to implement whatever we can further down the line.

ThirdMedia wrote:
how do I animate the rotation and scale of an object or character?
Object rotation and movement can be easily animated in Muvizu by simply clicking on the object and using the Prepare > Object Properties and Direct > Object Properties features. Character and object scale can also be easily changed by double-clicking on a character or object and moving the "Scale" slider up and down (this is usually found under the "Body" tab in the edit window for characters). Animating scale is something that's not so easily done right out the box and is something we should perhaps look into, though in the meantime if you want to give the impression of something changing scale over time then you could render out several videos with the character or object at different scales every time and use clever post-Muvizu editing to cut between shots and give the impression of an object or character gradually changing in size by making it slightly bigger or smaller every time you cut away from and back to it...?

Thanks again for your interest, and we hope you stick around and become a regular face in our little community here!
2013/4/18 10:15:45
figure-body transparent snoopylino wrote:
how can I make the body of a figure-transparent so that only the head is visible?
With the newer Content Pack characters (EG Beefy, Sinister, Heroine and Rosie) you should be able to easily make only the head visible by double-clicking your character in the scene window and methodically going through all the body parts in the character edit window that opens and setting them to "None" except for the head. For example: create a new Beefy character, double-click him and change "Top", "Arms > Left Arm", "Arms > Right Arm" and "Legs" all to "None" (and do the same with any accessories he may have spawned with). This should leave just the character's head.

Again, this method only works with the more recent characters which are installed from Content Packs. Getting a similar effect from older default Muvizu characters would require some clever use of custom textures.
2013/2/7 16:14:22
Hide walls wdeprospo wrote:
I was hoping to eliminate the moving of the wall and then putting the wall back into place.
Clicking on any object and then pressing Ctrl + K together on the keyboard (or clicking Edit > Lock) will "lock" the object's properties so you can no longer accidentally move them. They will still "get in the way" - as in, they will still become selected when you click on them - but if you set the texture to "None" AND lock the object then you can edit surrounding things with clarity AND without fear of accidentally changing something you don't want to. Pressing Ctrl + Shift + K together on the keyboard (or clicking Edit > Unlock) will "unlock" the object and free it up for editing again.
2013/2/7 12:40:08
please help In addition to the specs Marco asked for, could you please also make sure you send us every word of the error message you are receiving, in full? I'm specifically curious if it says anything about "ue3Engine.dll" in there...? Your error sounds similar to some others I have heard about that we've not really been able to suss out the root of, and it's very interesting if you're having the same error but are managing to get the 32-bit version to work!
2013/2/5 14:57:10
Evil actions Can I ask if this is happening with all characters? You said you downloaded the full package version - this also comes with the "Heroes & Villains" character pack, and none of those characters actually come with "Evil" or "Wobbly" character action categories. So if it's only the Beefy, Sinister and/or Heroine characters you are finding this problem with, then that is actually how they are designed and not a problem or bug as such!
2013/2/5 14:50:10
Youtube and copyright issues Every few months we send Larry Page, Google CEO, a photo of Marco_D holding a baseball bat with the caption "don't mess with our users' videos" under it. That seems to keep 'em in line.

Nah, to be honest there is no obvious reason why a Muvizu user's video would be more or less likely to get picked-up for copyright infringement than anyone else's videos. Just blind luck, I guess. Obviously we do not condone the use of using copyrighted material without permission in videos, but maybe putting those copyright notices in your descriptions are drawing attention to what you're doing wrong rather than masking it in any way...?
2013/1/14 16:57:39
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar CONGRATULATION!!
2013/1/11 11:21:24
Moo Texas Chainsaw Moossacre
The Moochinist
Moo Jack City
Moo, Me And Dupree OR You, Moo And Dupree
Stand By Moo

2013/1/8 16:02:37
Really good text to speech ! I wonder if "Dodo (Glasgow English)" is named after "Deedee" from Limmy's Show? The voice is very similar, and it's especially noticeable if you're juvenile enough to spend a solid hour just making it say sweary words and giggling to yourself. Which is maybe how I spent my lunch break today. Maybe.
2013/1/7 10:25:13
Happy New Year Happy New Year, everyone! I'm currently just working through the backlog of submitted videos from over the holidays and some of them are really getting me in the mood for Christmas! Only 351 days to go!
2012/11/16 16:45:15
cell phone and sitting position MrDrWho13 wrote:
I like the Christmas addition to your profile pic!
Thank you! The Christmas Market has opened here in Glasgow, ergo it is no longer "too early" to start getting in the festive spirit!
2012/11/16 15:13:02
cell phone and sitting position Ahh yes, totally overlooked the "from a sitting position" part of your initial post. My bad! There's no way to get the character to stay sitting during the "Mobile Phone" animation, but I'll dig around and see if I can find something that may be close enough. Off the top of my head, maybe you could use the Happy > Subtle > "Look At Nails" character action, with the right camera angle...?
2012/11/16 15:04:09
cell phone and sitting position There is a "Mobile Phone" animation under the "Themes > Miscellanous" character actions menu which will make the character simulate taking a phone out of their pocket, holding the phone to their ear and then putting the phone back in their pocket. Would this maybe do the trick? The "being on the phone" section can be extended to seem longer with the right camera cuts if necessary.
2012/11/16 10:28:21
YouTube annotations The problem with annotations is that - as far as I'm aware - they can be added any time after a YouTube video has been uploaded. So even though we can screen a video and approve or disapprove it for acceptance in the Gallery before it hits the live site, and it can look fine at the time of approval, there's nothing to stop someone adding a malicious link the next day, the next week, the next decade, etc.
Saying "just remove the bad videos, then" isn't quite as easy a solution as it sounds, either - we'd like to remove any inappropriate content before it can be found by and affect one of our users, because we lurv you all so much, and with something that can be changed at any time like YouTube annotations that would require constantly re-viewing every single video in the Gallery every day. As amazing as that would be for your YouTube view counts, I don't think it's something we can do!
I know we already get some undesirable content sneaking in via the Twitter feed, but I think our mentality is probably more "let's try and sort that out and keep everything else as in check as possible" and less "well, that's gone to hell so let's just allow anarchy to rule all over the joint"!

Again, though, this is me just playing devil's advocate. My own personal stance is actually to just allow annotations and if someone is stupid enough to click a random link then they deserve all the bad things that happen to them in this life. Thumbs Up This opinion does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Muvizu as a whole!
2012/11/15 17:00:52
YouTube annotations Dreeko wrote:
thanks Lev. would be nice if the gallery annotations could be turned on by default also!
I think the iffy bit about this is that some villains may try to sneak dodgy links into annotations, which can be done even some time after we've approved the video for inclusion in our Gallery, and I imagine we'd be a bit wary to allow something which so easily allows damaging content to be embedded on our site. I'll swing a suggestion over to the web team and see what they say, since annotations are such a big part of YouTube now, but if they said it was a bit too risky business for their liking then I'd definitely see where they'd be coming from with that!
2012/11/15 16:15:05
YouTube annotations IanS wrote:
Dreeko, I can see the hotspot on the duck both in the forum above and in the gallery. There's a speech-bubble type button at the bottom of the player to turn it on and off. It's maybe turned off by default though here, I'd need to check
The annotations load automatically for me on the YouTube site and here on the forum, but I think that depends on YouTube user settings. The reason annotations don't load automatically for anyone in the Gallery is because they are switched off by default in the Gallery.The bit of code that says "&iv_load_policy=3" stops annotations from being loaded by default - changing it to "&iv_load_policy=1" will load annotations right off the bat.
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