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2013/12/2 21:10:34
Dreeko's extra bits That's great dreeko, fantastic work!
2013/11/24 15:20:23
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu Great clip Mr D

Great use of the hero characters, it seems the Sinister character is a popular choice
Now, Muvizu HQ, can we drop the arms as a second choice of standing pose?

Yeah, Dr who, you gotta love it, I'm a Tom Baker man myself, i remember crapping myself when it used to end on a close up of Tom baker, THOSE EYES!!
top stories though!, thats what it's all about.
Good video mate, well done!
2013/11/12 18:13:51
Change the youtube comment system back! Google+=Pain in the arse!Cursing
2013/11/5 17:57:51
Hello Muvizu Community Welcome, enjoy!
2013/11/4 6:55:53
Themes Funny, creative, yes, but it has to be entertaining, prizes, not a lot just a little, yearly prize, not a lot but a bit more.
Peace, artpen......
2013/11/3 23:57:11
Themes Hi guys, I think competitions on this website should be purely imaginative, creative, and FUN! oh, and funny....

I did not like the Christmas comp last year, I thought it was non of the above! I think it did nothing to promote Muvizu what so ever, sorry HQ, but that **** hot Laptop could have been well used by a good Muvizu film maker, and more good videos would have been made for the Muvizu gallery with it.

Keep it simple, give people a theme of the month, but it has to be funny, creative, and FUN!

Topics could be like, what's big in the news or world events for that month, UFO sightings on the increase, 80's music revival, another Housing Boom, Butter is now good for you! ect ect, you could do it sort of like a Zubox sort of thing? give us a theme, or if Muvizu HQ have a joke in the office they think would be funny Muvizued, start the month with that theme, and at the end of the month, HQ will vote what clip amused and entertained them the most.

Ok, time limit I think too short, the joke gets clipped too much, spoils the fun, and gives me a Horrible Headache Whaaaaa?
Too long, too boring, long views for Muvizu HQ, so how about 10 secs min - 20 secs max??

Prizes, come on guys...... Not a lot just little!

A monthly comp should have prizes like, useful books, cinema tickets, Dvds, maybe the odd pc software, game?? T-shirts, posters, or if your feeling a bit stingy a packet of Tunnocks Tea cakes.
I also think a yearly competition would be great for the company, and us Muvizuers also, something for the Newly talented and hardcore pros, you know who you areCool
Again, the prizes, not a lot, but a little more! again, things like Microphones, external hard-drives, edit software ect ect..
The yearly theme should be, Who's yer Daddy, Who's the best Moviemaker of the year, be it anything, as long as its great, simple.... and it should only be judged by HQ..

If we can get this going, I think the gallery, youtube, and a lot more outsiders will want to come and play....
2013/10/20 2:00:59
Coming Soon... Mee want Breakfast NOW! lovely props there urban!
2013/10/20 1:58:41
Coming Soon... Looking good zigs, The Dark Helmet rises!
2013/10/19 10:40:52
Rosie needs a man! Yep, I agree totally, a new man, a Slender man, a bit like sinister but with his arms dropped.
I would love to also see beefy with a belly? And sinister with a belly?

Come on HQ, give us Slender man!!! The new Bond spy?
edited by artpen on 19/10/2013
2013/10/12 20:34:14
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Hi, Danimal, long time no see, ha ha, I get you about the price tag at the moment but I think Muvizu HQ will not let their prize hardcore Moguls down.
I simply cant afford the full monty at the moment, but I cant wait to use the new features.

Ok, here is my view, my two penneth.....

Could we have a new Slender guy?? I love Sinister but hes in a fixed hunched pose which I cant use for a thing I,m doing. Just drop those arms please, Ta.
I love the attachments, but could you we have animations to complement them? A Must....

Thats all for now, busy setting up this new square box thing with pretty lights and R2 D2 sounds.

Peace... art
2013/4/26 17:55:03
Time to say goodbye. Cheers Marco, all the best mate Thumbs Up

good luck,

2013/4/9 21:38:37
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Lovely update, fast and smooth Bump
2013/3/17 20:23:11
Muvizu Play Launch! Hi guys, sorry I couldn't make it on the night, watched the online stream though, impressed with the launch, hope you all had a fantastic night and I hope I can make the next one Buddies

2013/2/20 16:21:28
To the community at large Ok, my thoughts...

First of all, I've really enjoyed the Muvizu 3d adventure.

But, like all things, big changes are coming, and them changes might not be free.
and guess what, bring it on!

I'll keep this simple, keep a free basic version with the watermark to get new users up to speed and to improve their movie skills,.
Bring out a Pro version with all the trimmings... Price?? Let's just say if holding
objects, better character creation, custom animations if possible, I think most
Users would stump up 60-80 quid??

I don't think monthly rent type payments work either, just give me a one off pro
Version any day, then maybe a reduced price for a big yearly update.

edited by artpen on 20/02/2013
2012/12/25 11:27:50
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar I think I'm giving this one a miss folks, good luck to everyone, hope you are lucky!
These are fantastic prizes

Happy Xmas and have a great New year!
edited by artpen on 25/12/2012
2012/11/24 11:29:30
My thinkings Ok, I Totally agree with Dreeks and Ziggs for more conversation animations, we need them Badly.....
The current conversation actions are ok, but we need a whole lot of em
Also I want to hold a pose option, arms folded ect.....

Ok, ok, ok, we hit on this a gazillion million times, Holding props......
Team Muvizu HQ Kindom of Glasgow..
Can we just have a Cup to hold like the microphone, ( Not picking up! )
( Not putting down! ) with a simple drinking animation.
Can we have A Gun to hold like, again, the microphone???
Again, just bloody holding it!!
Please, please, if we could just start with these simple props to hold this would
Shut us moaners up for a bit.
We know it's a current problem at the moment to pick up, put down, so don't waste time trying to do it.
Just do it like the musical instruments, just holding them, Period!!
We can do all our clever cuts for dropping cups, guns in holster no probs..
Come on team, Shut us up like you did with the musical instruments.

Thanks, art
2012/11/16 21:51:15
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! well done Dreeko, nice to see Muvizu getting good exposure with your movie!

Nice one mate! Cool
2012/11/9 0:35:37
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! I wonder if a Toffee Hammer would be asking to much? Naaaa, I'll just dig my way
Out with my trusty drumsticks!!
2012/11/8 23:41:34
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Like the new props, prison bars, bulbs, conduit, nice!

Now, I wonder what is behind that naughty poster??
And where is that bible??
2012/11/6 12:26:20
Updates, Tutorials, Transparency! Oh my! Oh yessss, like it, like it, like it......

Very nice update, much needed!
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