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2010/8/9 12:15:50
(new) video joiner not working? TheCursedJester wrote:
No worries. I know you have enough to do without chasing me. Cool
Anyway... I am unsure? I followed this link:
and pressed the "download application" link with Size: 478 MB

Im not sure if it was the full or standard pack, probably standard, i just let it download and it had all the features I saw which were new.
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Hi again,
I was actually meaning the Full K-Lite Codec pack from

There are 3 different versions - Basic, Standard and Full - Full is the only one with XVid - which is a pretty handy Codec.

Take Care,
2010/8/9 12:12:05
Can't make movie Hi Richard,

Sorry you are having trouble - is the error occurring after you select your Resolution and Codec? If so have you tried using different Codecs?

Take Care,
2010/8/9 12:05:01
32 or 64 Hi Muddybunny,

Sorry you are having trouble launching Muvizu -when Windows 7 installs a programme it doesn't always generate short cuts - I have a Laptop with 7 on it and it happens quite a lot with a variety of programmes.

You can create a short cut by going to C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries, Right-Clicking on Launcher.exe, Left-Clicking on Copy then go back to the Desktop and Right-Click on it and then Left-Click on Paste Shortcut.

If that doesn't work please let me know.

Take Care,
2010/8/9 11:59:05
Character changes Happy to help, if you have any more questions just let us know.

2010/8/9 11:56:39
First impressions and a few hopes Hi again Alan,

I haven't seen Despicable Me - I might have to give it a try.

Those formats are made by various 3D model programmes - you can pick up Google Sketchup for free and it can make simple models that can be converted to .ase using a plugin.

Alternatively, there are many, many sources of 3D models available on the Net that you could download a model from then use it in Muvizu.

Take care,
2010/8/9 11:47:32
Another Forum Suggestion Hi again,

We are keeping the accounts - the forums will be changing a bit but the underlying accounts and software will be staying the same.

I spoke with one of our Web gurus and he advised that you should be able to share .set files at some point in the near future.

Take care,
2010/8/9 11:28:56
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Hi again Conan,

We should be able to sort that out, could you please tell me what version of Windows you is on your PC?

Take care,
2010/8/9 10:52:05
Can't get it to run Hi again CrimsonBronxs,

Most people who have crashed at that point have managed to get Muvizu working by updating their Direct X files.

Even though you have Direct X 10 your PC will still have Direct X 7, 8 and 9 on it - the link I gave you will update your Direct X 9 files to the very latest version which should, hopefully, get Muvizu running on your machine.

Take care,
2010/8/8 21:13:29
help dude Hi, and sorry you are having trouble.

Are you using Windows 7? It sometimes doesn't show all installed programmes (I have a Windows 7 Laptop and it happens a lot, with many different programmes)

If you go to C:\Program Files\Muvizu\Binaries\ and double click on the file called "Launcher.exe" Muvizu should start up.

If you want to create a Desktop shortcut to it you need to Right-Click on Launcher.exe, Left-Click on "Copy" then Right-Click on the desktop and Left-Click on "Paste Shortcut".

If that doesn't work please let me know.

Take care,
2010/8/8 21:08:10
Character changes Hi Than,

The only way to get a scene to "start" with a character lying down is to animate them dying or being knocked out at the very start of the animation;

For instance if you want to animate him standing up then pointing you would need to do: Knocked Out, Stand Up then Point.

A lying down initial state is in the pipeline, but I do not know when it will be implemented.

You can put blood on your character's chest/shirt by right clicking on the character and changing the page you are editing to "Decals". You can then apply an image to the character's front or back - in this case a picture of blood.

Putting blood on a character's face/head is a bit more complicated - there is a Face Mask that you can import textures onto called "Photo Face Mask" - you would need a picture of a face with the blood on it in order for it to work.

The artists and devs are looking at the ability to apply images and textures to more areas of a character, but it's not being worked on at the moment.

I was actually about to post a reply to your Hello post when I spotted this one, so Hello!

Take care, and if you have any more questions or feedback let us know.
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2010/8/8 20:55:51
Failed (unable to convert video file) Aaah, makes sense - sounds like you saved the set but not the video - let me know how you get on.

Take care, and happy to help
2010/8/8 20:54:04
New item needed or help making something... Hi Bizbok - we having been looking at "game tables" but I don't think that any are being put in at the moment.

You could make a normal table look like a poker table by taking a picture of a poker table and Importing it onto a ground plane, then by placing that ground plane on top of a table. You could then use cylinders for the chips and a rectangle with another ground plane on top of it for a deck of cards.

If ground planes are the wrong size you could import the picture onto a backdrop and disable Keep Upright, which will allow you to rotate it to the right position.

If that isn't clear let me know - I could probably make a short video showing you how.

2010/8/8 20:48:28
Trouble 'logging in' with the app Hi Conan1987,

Sorry you are having trouble - you log in using your Muvizu user name and password, but if you are entering yours correctly there must be a problem with the connection between your version of Muvizu and our servers.

Do you have any objects or characters at all? If you have no characters it points to a bug that another user has had, if you have characters and objects it may be something new.

Take care,
2010/8/8 20:44:23
Talking... Hi again,

Glad to help - the Direct X problem seems to be pretty common with Windows 7 users.

Yes, the lip syncing is automatic - you just need to turn it on and off for the characters. (no point in every character mouthing every word in a conversation).

You can choose your animations in the Prepare>Animation section and apply them to characters in the Direct>Animation section - that includes walking, running, walking styles etc.

The tutorials are a good place to start; they are pretty informative and give you a few tips and tricks that you might miss yourself. You can find them at:

Take care,
2010/8/8 20:39:38
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Thanks David,

I will speak to the Devs tomorrow and see if they can figure this out.

Take care,
2010/8/8 20:37:57
Can't get it to run Hi CrimsonBronx,

Sorry you are having trouble launching Muvizu - updating your Direct X Runtime to the latest version has fixed this issue for some of our users. You can download Direct X from here:

If that doesn't work please let me know.
2010/8/8 20:35:16
Talking... Hi again lodylody, glad to see you got Muvizu working.

You get lip syncing to work by uploading an Audio Track through Prepare>Dialogue then applying it in Direct>Dialogue, you can then set the character you have selected to "Talk" or "Shush" in the same way you direct animations.

The tutorial video found below has a more detailed demonstration:


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2010/8/8 20:30:34
Failed (unable to convert video file) Hi again,

YouTube can handle videos up to 10 minutes (15 in some cases, depending on the user) so if it's less than that you should be fine.

Do you know what size the video is? If you made it in an uncompressed format it could be pretty huge, which may be what is causing the problem.

2010/8/8 20:28:25
Unable to Make Video : "The file is locked ..." Hi David,

This has me completely stumped - I won't be able to speak with the Devs until tomorrow morning, but hopefully they will be able to figure it out.

That error can come up when another person or another programme is using the directory you wish to save to, but the fact it is happening in multiple locations makes this less likely.

Two quick questions though - are there multiple people logged into the PC? Is the Hard Drive shared with other computers on the network?

Take care,
2010/8/8 20:21:42
no characters or objects appear Glad to hear it PD

I have to admit I have no idea why this happened, but hopefully the Devs will be able to figure it out.

One quick question- is it the 32-Bit or 64-Bit version of Vista that you have?

Take care, and I hope your daughter has fun,
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